DAF/PACCAR Euro VI MX11 and MX13 engines for marine applications. The MX series more than comply the IWW Stage V emission legislation. Result: up to 98% less nitrogen oxides, 99% less soot and a fuel consumption (read CO2 emissions) guaranteed to be 16% lower than the previous generation CCR2 marine diesel engines.

The ultra-modern diesel engine comes with a factory-installed aftertreatment unit, consisting of an SCR catalyst and DPF soot filter.

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Some advantages of the DAF MX engines:

  • Very low emission values
  • Very low fuel consumption
  • Very low noise level
  • Suitable for HVO and B30 fuels
  • Compact factory-installed aftertreatment unit
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • High Return on Investment
  • Short delivery times
  • High availability of parts
  • Real-time online monitoring
  • RDW / TNO certified

EuroVI PACCAR MX engines utilize ultra-modern common rail technology, a variable geometry turbochanger and advanced engine controls for maximum efficiency. To meet the strict Euro VI emission requirements, the engine is equipped with exhaust gas recirculation combined with SCR technology and an active soot filter.

EuroVI certified for: EN590, HVO, GTL, BTL, CTL, B10, B20 and B30.
EuroVI fuel consumption: Up to -10% compared to StageV and -20% compared to CCR2 engines.
EuroVI AdBlue consumption: Maximum 3.5% due to the application of exhaust gas recirculation.
EuroVI exhaust emissions: Up to 10 times lower emissions than StageV limits.
EuroVI maintenance interval: Up to 2000 operating hours.
EuroVI noise level: Extremely quiet both in the engine room and at the exhaust.

Paccar MX-11

Type Performance Torque
MX-11 220 220 kW / 299 hp at 1675 rpm 1350 Nm at 900-1400 rpm
MX-11 251 251 KW / 341 hp at 1675 rpm 1500 Nm at 900-1400 rpm
MX-11 270 270 kW / 367 hp at 1600 rpm 1900 Nm at 900-1125 rpm
MX-11 300 300 kW / 408 hp at 1600 rpm 2100 Nm at 900-1125 rpm
MX-11 330 330 kW / 449 hp at 1600 rpm 2300 Nm at 900-1125 rpm


Paccar MX-13

Type Performance Torque
MX-13 315 315 kW / 428 hp at 1600 rpm 2300 Nm at 900-1125 rpm
MX-13 355 355 KW / 483 hp at 1600 rpm 2500 Nm at 900-1125 rpm
MX-13 390 390 kW / 530 hp at 1675 rpm 2600 Nm at 1000-1425 rpm



  • Propulsion
  • Bowthruster
  • Generator drive
  • Pump drive
  • Hybrid drive

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With emissions well below Stage V limits, the MX engine is the cleanest in its class.
NOx < 98%
PM < 99%
(compared to CCR 2)

Fuel consumption

A well-regulated combustion process combined with extra technology to achieve ultra-low Euro VI emission levels results in excellent fuel efficiency. Advanced diesel techniques such as CommonRail injection, variable turbo geometry, and thoughtful engine control result in a specific fuel consumption of 183 g/kWh.

Noise level

The MX engines have a very low noise level. Integrated housing for the high-pressure pump  and advanced injection techniques ensure this.

Alternative fuels

The MX engines are certified to the application of HVO (renewable diesel), GTL, and B30 biofuels, if they meet EN590 or EN15940 standards. Using these fuels can achieve a CO2 reduction of 89%.

Aftertreatment unit

To achieve Euro VI emission levels, the MX engines come with an aftertreatment unit. This aftertreatment unit, consisting of an SCR catalyst and DPF soot filter, has very compact dimensions (approximately 750 x 750 x 500 mm), replaces the standard silencer and will fit in almost any engine room.


DAF Components bus MX 13 2013099

Maintenance intervals

Long maintenance intervals (up to 2,000 hours) and low maintenance costs.

Return on Investment

The combination of long maintenance intervals, low maintenance costs, and very low fuel and AdBlue consumption results in a very short payback period.

Delivery times

The high production volumes not only lead to competitive pricing, but also to very short delivery times.


The excellent parts supply and high availability result in very short delivery times for both complete engines and parts. A remarkable 97% of all parts are available within 24 hours throughout Europe.


As the first in Europe, Paccar MX engines are certified for Inland Waterways (IWW) according to EU Stage V regulations.

Monitoring (optional)

Vink diesel Remote Support (M2M and/or Remote Davie) for optimal system performance.

  • Immediate insight into performance, fuel consumption, and emissions
  • Remote diagnosis + fault handling

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