MAN marine diesel engines are used for propulsion and auxiliary & emergency power. They are robust, compact, reliable, classified, and comply with all inland and maritime regulations, including Stage V and IMO III. Since 1998, Vink diesel has been MAN dealer for the high-speed engines in the power range of 220 to 1,066 kW. MAN engines distinguish themselves by their low weight, efficient fuel consumption, limited maintenance costs, and extremely compact and efficient aftertreatment unit.

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Stage V Propulsion engines 

Type Power Rpm Emission Technical data sheet (PDF)
D2676LE457 221 kW / 300 hp 1.800 Stage V  D2676LE457
D2676LE487 290 kW / 395 hp 1.800 Stage V  D2676LE487
D2676LE47A 368 kW / 500 hp 1.800 Stage V  D2676LE47A
D2862LE44A  735 kW / 1000 hp 1.800 Stage V  D2862LE44A
D2862LE48B 1066 kW / 1450 hp 2.100 Stage V D2862LE48B


Stage V Generator

Type Power Rpm Emission Technical data sheet (PDF)
D2676LE328 290 kW / 395 hp 1.500 Stage V D2676LE328
D2676LE328 290 kW / 395 hp 1.800 Stage V D2676LE328
D2862LE32B 600 kW / 816 hp 1.500 Stage V D2862LE32B
D2862LE32E 700 kW / 952 hp 1.800 Stage V D2862LE32E
D2862LE32A 700 kW / 952 hp 1.500 Stage V D2862LE32A
D2862LE32D 800 kW / 1.088 hp 1.800 Stage V D2862LE32D


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