For the bunker vessel "Dintel 2," Vink diesel had the privilege to supply and install a Paccar MX11-300 kW engine.

Dintel 2


31 x 5m


Vink diesel

  • MX11-300 kW

Jilles van der Kolk explains: "The Scania engine in our bunker vessel 'Dintel 2' was due for replacement. We didn't want to undergo another round of revisions and repairs. Based on our positive experiences collaborating with Vink, the choice quickly fell on Vink and the DAF Paccar. We opted for a DAF Paccar, partly due to the technical aspects of the MX11 and the installation. It exceeds the requirements, providing additional economic and environmental benefits. Additionally, the fact that this set has been developed and already applied in other industries played a role. We are reaping the benefits of this knowledge and development."

The MX11 runs beautifully; quieter and more fuel-efficient than its predecessor! Jilles van der Kolk

"The installation went excellently; Vink has a pleasant team to work with, and their approach aligns with how we prefer to work ourselves. We have the engine in operation for a few weeks now. As always, there's a period of adjustment, and you encounter some minor issues that could have been slightly different. But everything we've come across has been swiftly and effectively addressed and resolved where necessary. The MX11 itself runs beautifully, quieter and more fuel-efficient than its predecessor."