For ms. Sympathie, Vink diesel has delivered and installed a Stage V MAN D2862LE44A 735 kW / 1,000 hp and Twin Disc MGX5225 gearbox with an EC600 control unit.

The MAN engine is equipped with compact aftertreatment (SCR and DPF) and, in addition to low fuel consumption, also has a very low noise level.

ms. Sympathie


86m x 9.5m


Vink diesel

  • MAN D2862LE44A 735 kW / 1.000 pk
  • Twin Disc MGX5225 keerkoppeling

Eric van Dam says: "We had been considering re-engineering for a long time, after approaching several parties we ended up being referred to Vink diesel through acquaintances. We were looking for a Stage V engine with an exhaust system that was not only used for inland shipping because we are not big fans of all that custom-built stuff behind the engine. Vink diesel helped us very well in making the right choice in several conversations and including a piece of data about our sailing profile. The "grocer's mentality" that you still come across at Vink is what really convinced us. They know that our company is dear to us and also understand well the emotional curve that you as a skipper/owner go through during such major renovations. The no-nonsense approach combined with a high level of professionalism is a great combination.

MAN is a strong brand, Vink has been a Dealer for over 25 years and had a Stage V engine available for our power requirement including a nice factory-fitted aftertreatment system."

The employees of Vink strive for quality, which can be seen in all the solutions devised and implemented in our engine room Eric van Dam

"We have been sailing again for about 3 months now with our new engine and look back on the project with great pleasure. The employees of Vink strive for quality, which can be seen in all the solutions devised and implemented in our engine room. Where we encountered challenges, solutions were promptly sought. As customers we had set various objectives regarding space utilization in our engine room, we wanted to get it right the first time and together look for the most efficient solutions in terms of layout for ease of use and maintenance in the future. What I am very pleased with is the attention to comfort on board by Vink diesel, they have thought carefully about maximizing the reduction of vibrations, resulting in a very quiet living space. Our ship, built in 1954, also easily meets the noise requirements, something that seemed like a challenge before the renovation. I am very satisfied, also with the service after we sailed away from the dock, such a new installation takes some getting used to. It is extremely nice that the people at Vink are available day and night for advice and assistance. The MAN engine has now clocked a few hundred hours, and we expect many thousands more to come."